36 things not to say

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how much do u charge?

r u sure ur 18?

do u take checks?

r u as good as they say u r?

congradulations! u r the 999,999,999,999th visiter

do i have 2 use the condom this time?

should i pay u before or after?

i cant believe we met on a myspace chat room

u look better with ur clothes on

ur boobs sag more than my grandmothers

r those real?

ur not a girl!


this sucks

i told u to put on the condom

is that gray hair?

where did that camera come from?

is that all u got?

when does it start?

enough foreplay already

stop watching tv

the music is more entertaining than u

y r u waring a mask?

u dont seem into it anymore

damn ur good! u sure ur a vergin?

dont i know u from somewhere?


that was it?

ur right, u were not a vergin

how much do i owe u?

on the house...how nice of u!

mayby next time

what are u, like 45?

who where u kidding?

wheres my walet?

i feel bad for who ever has to clean this up

u need practice

ur not who i started with


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by remi f. 01/26/08 08:47 PM

dont say any of these 36 phrases

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