Simple lessons of life

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Once, a teenager asked his friend, 'Why does the girl have more pleasure when she's having sex with a boy?' The friend replied,'When you're digging your nose, which one feels better, your finger or your nose?'

The boy then asked his friend,'Then why is it that a girl doesn't like it if someone rapes her?' The friend said,' Would you like it if you were walking along a street and someone came up and dug your nose?!?'

The boy asked again,'Why is it that a boy doesn't get so much pleasure if he's wearing a condom?', to which the friend replied,'Try digging your nose with a glove!'

The boy asked one last question,'Why doesn't a girl have sex when she's having her period?'The friend said,'If your nose is bleeding, would you continue digging it?!?'


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by L L. 1+ years ago

omg, i laughed out so loud

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by tigerlily 1+ years ago

haha so true

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