Burning Rubber!LMFAO

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A famous racecar driver named Jack Ganes just came home, to find a women in nothing but bras and panties laying on his bed.It didnt take him long to find that the woman before him was his best friends wife.Not being able to withstand the temptation he started an affair with her and it continued for some time.

Taking the proper precautions he bought a pack of condoms and kept one in his pocket in case he needed it in the future.

It did not take long for his friend to get wind of the affair and stormed off to find his friend and wife.

Jack had always been diligent in his training and frequently used the track to practice before races.However today he decided to again, to have relations with his mistress.

When the angry husband caught up to an assistant of Jack's,he demanded to know where he was.

The assistant replied,"He's burning rubber.".

Then the husband asked, "Wheres my wife?".

The assistant grinned and, with a chuckle, said,"She's with him?"


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CHCGR_Burning Rubber!LMFAO

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