he's got guts!!

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there was once a couple who loved each other very much, the only problem was that every morning the husband let out a tremendously loud and foul fart which annoyed his wife greatly. 'One day you'll fart your guts out, you big oaf!!' but he just ignored her and went back to sleep. the same year on Christmas morning she was preparing the turkey when she had an idea. She took out the turkey's guts, creeped upstairs and sneaked them into her sleeping husbands pants and went back to work. A few hours later the house shook with her husbands morning call which was closely followed by a scream and a rush to the bathroom. A few minutes later he came downstairs looking pale but relieved. ' My dear wife' he said 'you were right, i did fart my guts out, but i think i stuffed them all back in'


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by Yamir A. 01/13/08 02:24 PM

i would hate to be in his wife, having to explain and all

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CHC5Z_he's got guts!!

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