Hit the lawyer

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There is a truck driver who whenever he sees a lawyer walking down the street, he always swerves to hit him. One day he sees a priest on the side of the road looking for a ride and so the truck driver picks him up. While they were driving, the driver sees a lawyer, and swerves to hit him. But then he remembered he had a priest in the truck, so he swerved back on the road, but he heard a loud 'thump' anyway. So the driver turns to the priest and says "Please forgive me." and the priest said, "You didn't hit the lawyer, but that's OK, I got him with the door."


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by Miguel A. 1+ years ago

lawyers are gay... especially their whiny grandkids. attorneys are cool though

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by angie s. 1+ years ago

to me, that joke is kind of offensive. because, not all lawyers are bad. if you were caught in a bad situation and was being sued, you would need a lawyer to get you out of it. My grandfather was a lawyer and he dealt with very sad cases. i don't like lawyer jokes. they are very stereotypical.

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by elly j. 1+ years ago

omg, thats funny

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by Amy M. 1+ years ago


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CHAW_Hit the lawyer

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