The Rich Asian

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A old man walks into a bar and orders a beer from the bartender. The man is sipping his drink at the bar as a tall asian walks in with a white suit. He grins at the old man and orders a beer. The old man finishes his and orders another as the asian suddenly punches him in the face.

"$125.00 gold ring, bitch." and starts to laugh at the old man laying on the ground looking like an idiot.

The old man, furious, begins to get up yelling obscenities at the asian as he stomps his shoes down on the old man's face.

"$49.99 shoes, bitch." and again laughs at the old man, who leaves the bar red-faced. Some time passes by as the asian gets slowly drunker yelling out expletives in between gulps of beer as he's suddenly hit on the head and falls to the floor.

The old man smirking, "$5.00 crowbar, bitch."


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