The bathroom guy, hes a Spy!

Watch and learn from the pro spying

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arrowThis is the correct way to get her to like you, If you ever try this technique then you have no life! For more info call 1-800- GET-LOST.


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by Oli L. 1+ years ago

This is not funny. I dont see how people find this funny. I am dissapointed with this website for showing this!

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by Casey S. 1+ years ago

that happened to me once i was shopping with my friend and i had go to the bathroom me and my friend went in and just my luck i got the stall with the vent above me i was about to sit down when three 13 year old boys from my school were in the vent i ran out of the stall into a different one!!! i was so pissed!!!

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by Sean T. 1+ years ago

stupid sign.. it isn't that funny!

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by Jessica W. 1+ years ago

Some guys are pure pigs!!!!

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CH7HG_The bathroom guy, hes a Spy!

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