Snake in the forest

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A mom was in the shower with her 4 year old daughter

The mom said "Dont look up or down" the daughter said "Okay mommy". After a while the child looked up and said "Mommy what are those?" the mom replied by saying "Thier My lanterns". Then The Child Looked down and said "Mommy whats that?" and the mom said "That is my forest".

Later that evening the daughter went in the shower with her dad, the dad said "Dont look down" and the daughter said "Okay daddy", after A while the child looked down and said "Daddy whats that?" The dad said "Thats My snake".

When it was bed time everyone went to bed, that night the daughter was sleeping with her Mommy and Daddy. In the middle of the night the daughter went under the covers and shouted " Mom turn your lanterns on there's a snake in the forest!"


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by Emily S. 12/30/07 12:22 PM

It's not that funny but yeah!

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