a new president

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News just in America have named the next two candidates for the forthcoming election, they are the donkey from shrek and Arnold Swarzenegger. Our reports indicate that Homer Simpson and Kermit the frog were pipped at the post.

"Mr Swarzenegger have you anything to say about your rival?" "I will crush his lazy, smelly body and raise the flag of The United States of Americana!" "America you mean sir" "Yes Americana"

"And you Mr Donkey, not being of the same species do you think your in with a chance?"

"Well if they let a pussy like Swarzenegger be governor of California, and an dick like Bush be president surely they would let an ass like me rule the fuckin world!"


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by Lexi J. 1+ years ago

u got that right

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by insertnamehere o. 1+ years ago

thats retarded

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CH6OM_a new president

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