Sick of My Lunch!

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There lived 3 construction workers, an Italian, a Mexican, and a Redneck. On one particular day, the three sat together to eat their lunch and talk about the day's events.

Mexican: I got a taco for lunch. It's my favorite!!! I love my wife!

Italian: I got some spaghetti with meatballs. My wife knows what I want. I love her lots!!!

Redneck: I got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Golly, my wife must love me bunches!!!

The next day, the three sat together again on top of the unfinished building to talk about the day's events.

Mexican: I got another taco for lunch. I told Maria that I wanted a burrito. Well, if I get another one tomorrow, then I'll jump off this very building!!!

Italian: Oh, no!! I got some more spaghetti with meatballs. Well, if I get more tomorrow then I'll jump with you.

Redneck: Oh, gosh. Darn it!!! I got another peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I could've sworn that I told Sally to make me a chicken potpie. Well, don't you two worry. If I get another sandwich tomorrow, I'll jump with you.

The next day, the three met again on top of the building and opened up their lunches.

Mexican: Ay, ay, ay!!! Maria packed me another taco. Now I must jump!

The Mexican fell to his doom.

Italian: Well, I'll have to jump too since I have the same as yesterday.

The Italian fell to his doom.

Redneck: Oh, darn!!! Another sandwich. Good-bye cruel world!!

The Redneck fell to his doom.

A week later the men's wives gathered together after their husbands' funerals.

Mexican's wife: I should've never given Pedro another taco. Now I have lost him!!

Italian's wife: I should've given my dear husband spaghetti with his favorite cheese topping instead. Now he is gone forever!!!

The two women turned around to hear the Redneck's wife's excuse.

Redneck's wife: Don't look at me. My husband packs his own lunch!


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