George and the envoy

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Once, President George Bush visited China, and was greeted by an envoy. The envoy took him on a tour of China for the next few days, at the end of the tour, George told the envoy,"This has been an interesting trip, but i couldn't help but notice, why is China so dirty?" The envoy smiled but actually, he was fuming inside. A few months later the envoy got a chance to visit the USA, so at this point he planned to get revenge on George, as he was taking the envoy on a tour this time. The envoy looked around for dirty and rundwon places with his binoculars, but he noticed that all the places in the USA were not as dirty as China. He was on the point of giving up when he spotted an extremely dirty area, at which he pointed to it and asked George Bush,"i couldn't help but notice,but why is that place so dirty?" the envoy snickered as he got his revenge. but George Bush said,"Of course it is! Thats Chinatown!"


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CH2ZT_George and the envoy

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