man on his roof

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a news flash on tv "breaking news flash floods are coming this way get to high ground and stay there!" a deeply religious man is watching and decides it would be best to get on the roof and wait for devine intervention. He notices a speed boat loading people from his street on to the boat. A man shouts up at him "quickly get in the boat" the religious man replies "thankyou sir but my god will save me!" the boat pulls away and dissapears. the waters are swelling now and the tide line is up to his garage roof. a huge fishing boat is passing and offers his a lift to safety again " no thankyou sir my lord god will save me" the boat pulls off. the man notices that the tide line is now at his bedroom window and is still rising. a whiring sound above as a helicopter shouts down a megaphone we will get you off the roof now sir. The man says "no need kind sirs my lord god will save me." the helicopter dissapears through some clouds. the water rises and rises untill finally the man drowns in the wash. He opens his eyes and he standing infront of God and all his angels. he says " My lord, i have tried best to live my life according to the scriptures, i have kept the ten commandments and have done lots for charity and love my neighbour." God replies "you did my son and i am most proud of you" the man asks "Why then oh lord did you not save me from drowning?" God looks at his messanger angel who lifts a peice of paper on his clip board as if to check something and says " well actually we sent you two boats and a chopper".


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CH2RL_man on his roof

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