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Stuck in Fence

Firefighters from the Columbus Oh. area, all joined in a team effort to rescue a young girl stuck in steel fence. It took several hours to extract her from her predicament. Fire Chief Frink said, 'This was a pretty tough rescue, it took us quite a while to come up with a plan to safely extract her from the fence.' Although the girl's entrapment was never life threatening it did take careful planning and gentle handling to safely remove her. She was taken to an area hospital where she was examined and released. Poor thing, this picture just about broke my heart! I just wanted to reach out and help her!

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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: accidents, mishaps men, women, relationships





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+1 thumb down thumb up
by Macy B. 1+ years ago

Definitely fake

Reply to Macy B.'s comment
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by Mac G. 1+ years ago

i think i found the reason her nipples r so big...swelling!

Reply to Mac G.'s comment
+1 thumb down thumb up
by brian h. 1+ years ago

all she had to do was squeeze them to get them back through she wasnt rescued by anybody

Reply to brian h.'s comment
+1 thumb down thumb up
by aj P. 1+ years ago

2 questions, 1. how old is she? she looks really young to have boobs that big the hell did she get stuck there???

Reply to aj P.'s comment
0 thumb down thumb up
by RJ M. 1+ years ago

so thats were she put my pizza

Reply to RJ M.'s comment
+4 thumb down thumb up
by ricky j. 1+ years ago

1. those arnt real. 2. there ugly

Reply to ricky j.'s comment
+3 thumb down thumb up
by sherry f. 1+ years ago

Ugly boobs...

Reply to sherry f.'s comment
+1 thumb down thumb up
by Nathan H. 1+ years ago

..and what did we learn from this experience?...find a bigger fence!

Reply to Nathan H.'s comment
[below viewing threshold, show comment] -3 thumb down thumb up
by cameron c. 1+ years ago

craka had a tit job

Reply to cameron c.'s comment
+4 thumb down thumb up
by ♦Deathvirus♦ 1+ years ago

What the fuck is the deal with her nipples? They're the size of saucers!

Reply to ♦Deathvirus♦'s comment
+4 thumb down thumb up
by anisa s. 1+ years ago

omg is that real?! and if so y did she try that and why didn't she have a shirt on wow so many questions....

Reply to anisa s.'s comment
+2 thumb down thumb up
by Brandon L. 1+ years ago

the nipples just throw it off

Reply to Brandon L.'s comment
+2 thumb down thumb up
by Ellie p. 1+ years ago

damn they r HUGE

Reply to Ellie p.'s comment
CH1QJ_Stuck in Fence

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