Blonde Lunch

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A blond guy an Italian guy and a Mexican guy were working on a five story building. the Mexican opens up his lunch-box and finds tacos. he says he will jump off the building if his wife packs him tacos one more time. the Italian guy gets pizza he says the same thing if his wife packs pizza. The blond finds a bologna sandwich and claims that he will jump off the building if he gets another bologna sandwich. the next day the blond reveals a bologna sandwich the Italian discovers pizza and the Mexican has tacos. All three men jump off the building and die. At the funeral, the Mexican's wife is crying and says if she only knew that he didn't like tacos she never would have packed them. The Italian's wife is also sobbing away and says the same about pizza. The blonde's wife is in the corner laughing. When questioned, she says, "The moron packed his own lunch!"


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by ryan g. 12/07/07 11:16 AM

hahahahahahahahahahaha that's right blondes

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by Mark R. 1+ years ago

that's pretty funny...and I'm blonde and I pack my own lunch....hey wait a minute.....

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by Lynn H. 1+ years ago

well i heard 1 kinda like this one xcept it was jus 3 guys n 1 of them had a turkey n cheese,ham n cheese n bologna n cheese,bt its pretty much the same

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by jess f. 1+ years ago

Repeat and the one I heard was much better.

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