The New Yorker Castaway

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Three men got stranded on an island.

One was french, one was italian, and one was from new york.

Not long after, the natives on the island found them and decided to skin them and make them into canoes.

After arguing and negotiating, they decided that each of them could recieve one thing of there choice.

After clearing the fact that they could wish for anything, they decided the italian would go first.

"I want the finest italian dished served today!"

The little indian men brought him some extravigent raviole, and he ate

they then skinned him and made him into a canoe

the french man was next...

"I want a 1876 cabernet of the finest quality!"

So the indian men brought him the wine, and he drank, and they skinned him and made him into a canoe

next was the new yorker.

"I want a FOK!"

"A what?" asked the chief...

"I want a F...O...R...K"

So the indian men brought him a fork.

The new yorker took the fork and started stabbing himself with it and shouted...



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by Joe S. 12/03/07 05:20 PM

What a surprise ending...

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