Throw off the plane...Upated

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One time a guy on a plane throw a apple off the plane. then the second guy saw it and said"hey. if he can throw it i can too."so he threw a pencil off, then the third guy saw it and said "hey. if he can throw it i can too."and throw a bomb off. When the fourth guy saw it he said "hey. if he can throw it i can too.", so he jump off the plane. When the first guy got off he saw a guy getting arrested, he scream " i was hungry so i looked up so a apple fell. So i ask for a million dollars and a pencil stab me in the eye, I was screaming in pain when my house exploded. When i called the cops a guy fell down next to me and died.... i swear i didn't kill him...."

stupidity has no mercy.


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by Dylan M. 1+ years ago

No, it doesn't, reword it.

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CGY7W_Throw off the plane...Upated

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