Some Dogs Are Dumb

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Something that alot of people will fear in their life has just happened to me. You will realise what it is by the end of the joke.

It was a normal day for me. I decided to go to the shops and buy some milk. I drove my car down to the shop, when I decided to go buy some pain killers for my back pains. Now just after I had bought the pain killers. I walked outside past a policeman and his dog. The dog immediatly started sniffing me and eventually jumped on me. The policeman then asked if he could do a full body search on me. Ofcourse i accepted. Now picture this in your mind, standing outside of a major shopping centre while stripping down infront of a police officer. Not only did people take photos but whenever someone who had seen this event bumped into me they would crack up laughing and then walk away. This is the problem with dogs. They can be wrong.

I don't like dogs anymore.......

Also afterwards I had to go to the police station and get questioned. I told them what I had and they let me go. The dog has made me learn a valuable lesson.



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by Jsohua G. 11/22/07 03:20 AM

The most embarrasing thing thats ever happened in my life.

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