Bunny in a Hardwarestore

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A little buny walks into a hardwarestore and asks the clerk ofr some ice cream The clerk says, This is a hardwarestore, we don't sell ice cream. The next day, the bunny walks into the Store againd and asks for ice cream. The Clerk answers What the hell is your problem it old you yesterday that we don't have any ice cream.The next day, the bunny walks into the Store again. He asks the clerk for ice cream.which responds For Crists sake i don't have ice cream don't you get it next time you com in here asktind for Ice cream I'll nail you to the Wall. The Next day the bunny returns asking for ice cream, so the clerk nails him to the Wall. As the bunny is hangig there he turns to a Jesuscross hangig next to him and asks: did you want ice cream too?


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CGV9V_Bunny in a Hardwarestore

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