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What is a 710?

A few days ago I was having some work done at my local garage. A blonde came in and asked for a seven-hundred-ten. We all looked at each other and another customer asked, 'What is a seven-hundred-ten?'

She replied, 'You know, the little piece in the middle of the engine, I have lost it and need a new one..' She replied that she did not know exactly what it was, but this piece had always been there.

The mechanic gave her a piece of paper and a pen and asked her to draw what the piece looked like. She drew a circle and in the middle of it wrote 710. He then took her over to another car which had its hood up and asked 'is there a 710 on this car?'

She pointed and said, 'Of course, its right there.'

If you're not sure what a 710 is Paste this link into your browser. -> http://www.hotautoweb.com/cogifs/710.jpg


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by Andalite B. 11 months ago

The link is broken, so I can't get the joke :(

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by Grace M. 1+ years ago

they need to put the photo from the link here to. Would help it make more sense when first reading it.

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by Alyssa C. 1+ years ago

wow this 710 joke is definitely worth more than 7/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Matthew P. 1+ years ago

this one actually brought a smile to my face :D

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by elly j. 1+ years ago

haha lol

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by Emma G. 1+ years ago

thats brill!!!

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by J H. 1+ years ago


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by tigerlily 1+ years ago

omgosh wow haha thats pretty funny

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by Destiny Ann d. 1+ years ago

omg lol rofl lmao so funny oil go to the site

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by shatira l. 1+ years ago


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by Heather C. 1+ years ago

Yeah you have to go to the website to get a good laugh out of it. :P

Reply to Heather C.'s comment
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by Laura J. 1+ years ago

actually if you go the the site they want you to paste it is pretty funny...

Reply to Laura J.'s comment
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