When I grow up...

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arrowit was a class project in first grade


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by Me I. 1+ years ago

I saw that on a website its supposed to be the kid's mom selling the last shovel at home depo. during a freak snow storm.

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by Josh B. 1+ years ago

he wants to be just like funny.com

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by Pushkin R. 1+ years ago

Put some fucking white space on the bottom!

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by christine l. 1+ years ago

The child drew this picture of his/her mom working at Home Depot (selling shovels) and people paying for the shovel. Too funny though....

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by Taylor L. 1+ years ago

awww, that's awful!! just in case ppl can't read it, the last word is mommy. lol (:xx

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by Julia Z. 1+ years ago

howwcu.... oh f it thats just sad

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CGSKK_When I grow up...

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