very hard.......

quiz for blondes.....what could go wrong......

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by wyatt s. 11/03/07 07:32 PM

i like it

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by m. l. 1+ years ago

That elephant was harder to find than the people in the Monty Python sketch: "how not to be seen"

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by Abby B. 1+ years ago

Blondes are not stupid. Margaret is not stupid, just jproving a point. I am not blonde, but I absolutely HATE blonde jokes. They are racist (against germans. they started up around wwii) Not fucking cool.

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by Jon D. 1+ years ago

The fact that you had to prove to us that you are smarter than a kid in preschool says something, doesn't it?

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by Margaret T. 1+ years ago

I'm a blond. I'm not this stupid. That's a rabbit, the elephant is behind the trees and for the last one, what am I? X or O? They can both still win.

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CGQBZ_very hard.......

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