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Kitty & Birdy

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Once there was a man. He had this huge land which he choose to build his own zoo. Although for some strange reason he only put in birds and kittys. One day it starts to rain like crazy. & a kitty is left outside in the pouring rain. So seeking refuge she knocks on one of the the birdie's houses. Then a bird answeres so she asks: "Can i plz come in, cuz i'm getting really wet out here". So the bird takes a long look at her then finally says: "!", & slams the door violently in her face."MOTHERFUCKER!", says the kitty really angry, & makes her way to hide under a tree. But the rain gets evan heavier, so she heads back to the birdies house. She knocks & the birdie answers. "Plz, let me in motherfucker! I'm getting soaked!", she says desperetly. So he responds: "No fucking way! Get outtta here bitch!", & he once again slams the door in her face. "SON OF A BITCH!", she exclaims & heads out to look for another place to stay. But the rain gets as worse as it could possibly get & she can't get any wetter. So she heads back to the birdies house. She knocks as hard as she can, "Open up!!! Quit being a motherfucking asshole & open the fuck up! I can't get any wetter!!!!". So he opens the door, sees its the same ol' bitchy kitty & slams the door without evan letting her say a word. "GODDAMN FUCKER!!!", she yells.

So what have we learned? That the wetter Ms.Pussy gets, the stiffer Mr.Birdie gets.


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CGOZV_Kitty & Birdy

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