Shocking Discoveries.

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Three mothers were having lunch together one day when suddenly the topic shifted over to their 3 teenage daughters.

"I was in so much shock the other day." Said the first to the other two, "I was cleaning up her room the other day and I found a pack of cigarettes under her pillow! I didn't even know she was a smoker!"

The second one sighed and said; "It gets worse I'm afraid, I was cleaning MY daughters rooms and I found a bottle of vodka under her pillow!

The third one sighed as well and said; "Oh it gets much much worse, I was cleaning my daughters room and in her dresser I found a pack of condoms! I didn't even know she had a penis!!!"


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by Nate J. 10/24/07 02:36 PM

This is hilarious in my opinion and all my friends at school agree, hope you like it to.

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