Manoel's "69"

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Manoel and his friend Joaquim was talking when Joaquim said: "Manoel, I tasted a great new Sex position!! Its pretty good! Its named "69"! After all the chat Manoel was so interested in the "great" 69 that he was intending to experience that wonderfull sex position. Manoel found a hooker to realize his desires and took her to a motel, there Manoel asked her for the 69 and the hooker started to do her job. When they were in the position and after few minutes Manoel was thinking that was an uncommon position...suddenly the hooker farted in his face. "Hey, what is it?!!" said Manoel, "Sorry I've just lunched," replied the hooker and continued her job.... After some minutes the hooker farted in his face again, "Control yourself lady!!" "Sorry!" she said and continued her job.... Few minutes later the hooker farted in his face for the third time when Manoel went mad and said: "STOP! STOP! THAT'S ENOUGH!!! DO YOU THINK I'LL SUPPORT 66 MORE OF THIS?!!!!"


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CGLG_Manoel's "69"

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