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London - A Romanian luxury car enthusiast has named his daughter "SLK" after the Mercedes model.

The man, from Chisinau Cris in Arad county, reportedly surprised staff at the registry office with the name.

Ica Mladin, the head of the local registry office, said: "This man walked into the office and said he wanted a birth certificate on the name 'SLK Caldarar'.

"We found that very odd and tried to make him change his mind."

But the father insisted, saying he loves cars and if the baby had been a boy he would have been named "BMW".

The man reportedly told them: "The SLK is one of the most famous models of the Mercedes class; it's expensive and beautiful.

"It I had had a boy, I would have named him BMW because this car's hot and runs very fast." -

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by Sasha Z. 10/02/07 05:51 PM

I guess there are dumb enthusiasts in every country. Poor girl.

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by Kristen C. 1+ years ago

cool name

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by Angela N. 1+ years ago

you're an idiot

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