Adam and Eve

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One day, a French, English, Cuban, and Russian were discussing the two people from the Bible, Adam and Eve. They were arguing over what race they were from.

"It is clear that Adam and Eve were Russian," said the Russian man. "Look at those perfect bodies. Adam, so muscular, and that curvy and slim body of Eve. There is no way that they were nothing other than Russian."

"I beg to differ," interrupted the French man. "Eve is so feminine, and Adam so athletic. They must be French."

"No, they are English," said the English man. "Look at their pose, their posture. No doubt they are English."

"All of you are wrong," said the Cuban. "Look closely. They have no clothes, no shoes, no house, they only have 1 apple and they are prohibited from eating it, they don't complain and they still think they are in paradise... That screwed couple must be Cuban!"


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