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Why are dog treats shaped like what they are "supposed" to taste like? You know what I mean? These treats are getting friggin rediculous! You walk down the isle at the grocery store (let's not get into the fact that animals have an entire aisle to themselves), and there are just a ton of options in the treat arena. They have treats shaped like a miniature Ribeye steak (lines of fat included). They have chicken treats that look like dried leftovers from last night's KFC bucket. Then, of course, for the WT dogs out there, they have the cheap-ass bone shaped treats. Do you really think the dog looks at the treat shaped like a steak and feels extra special???....Do these dogs compare treats???

"Mine's a ribeye! What'd you get Bruno? .....The Bone???? .... Your Master SUCKS!!!"

Here's my advice to all of these dog treat companies. You want to make a treat that dogs will drool over??? Make a treat that looks and tastes like a piece of dog s**t. You'll have dogs all over America going to the bathroom in 5 seconds for you in the yard. They will be rolling over, shaking, sitting, and playing dead without question...all so they can go in and eat what they think is their own S**T!


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by danielle m. 1+ years ago


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by rachel s. 1+ years ago

Your submissions are repeatedly boring and not comical at all. I have read three of four of them. Not one was even a little entertaining.

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by Roxy W. 1+ years ago

LMFAO! this is great! I have wondered this myself on occasion!

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