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The horny Parrot

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Mrs St. James was a very well known chicken farmer who entertained often. She also had a taste for exotic pets, so she was especially delighted when she was given a beautiful parrot for a birthday present.

She soon discovered, however, that the Parrot had one bad habit- he would regularly escape from the house and fuck her chickens.

Mrs. St. James was aghast about this, and wanted to teach him a lesson, so after she caught him for the third time, she shaved his head bald, and told the parrot "Im not going to put up with this're to stay in the corner and not interact with any of the guests."

As the guest made their way into the house, the Parrot stayed in the corner, not cracking jokes and singing like he usual did. He stayed glum that is, until the guests of honor, the retiring priest and his replacement walked through the door. Seeing their bald heads, the parrot suddenly perked up and shouted

"Hey you two chicken fuckers, you guys need to stand in the corner with me and keep your mouths shut!"


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by bradely c. 1+ years ago

i wish i understood :c

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by tony w. 1+ years ago

lmao parrot=pwned lady=pwned priest=wtf? pwn lmao that was fking awesome

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+5 thumb down thumb up
by Alexandra C. 1+ years ago

omg! this is really OMG! haha

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+7 thumb down thumb up
by TidusXIII 1+ years ago

Something original finally. 10

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CGHIX_The horny Parrot

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