Hitch-hiking Ghost

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A taxi driver was driving along a deserted road when he spotted a little girl. He stopped and asked, "Hey, little girl, why are you here all alone?" the girl replied, "We went on a hiking trip and I got lost." "Well hop on," said the driver, "I'll drive you back to town."

As they were driving, the driver checked on the girl. He looked in the mirror, but she wasn't there. He looked at saw her there. This continued 3 times and the driver stopped. Then, they hit a bump on a road, the driver checked the girl, and she had blood all over her nose and fingers. "What happened?!" the driver asked, frightened. "Well," the girl replied a bit embarrased, "I was picking my nose, so I crouched down, whenver you checked, I sat back up. Then all of a sudden, we hit the bump, and at the same time my finger was in my nose..."


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