Proof Positive That Jesus Was...

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Three Proofs That Jesus Was Jewish

1 - He went into his father's business

2 - He lived at home until the age of 33

3 - He was sure his mother was a virgin, and his mother sure he was God

Three Proofs That Jesus Was Irish

1 - He never got married

2 - He never held a steady job

3 - His last request was a drink

Three Proofs That Jesus Was Italian

1 - He talked with his hands

2 - He had wine with every meal

3 - He worked in the building trades

Three Proofs That Jesus Was Black

1 - He called everybody brother

2 - He held no permanent address

3 - Nobody would hire him

Three Proofs That Jesus Was Californian

1 - He never cut his hair

2 - He walked around barefoot

3 - He invented a new religion

Three Proofs That Jesus Was Puerto Rican

1 - His first name was Jesus

2 - He was always in trouble with the law

3 - His mother did not know who his father was


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