A little talk with mom

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takes place in the kitchen

Little girl "Whatever"

Mom " Don't you whatever me young...uh..u-whatever you are!""

Little girl "how come you can whatever me but i can't whatever you?!??"

Mom "i didn't whatever you!"

Little girl "yes you did! just one second ago and then three seconds ago!"

Mom "whatever"

Little girl "see!!!!!?

Mom "ya so whats your point?"

Little girl "Now i know how you work!"

Mom "huh?"

Little girl " yeah any god damn f***ing thing you tell me not to say, and then you say it, means i'm allowed to say it, but you just like to arque about it"

Mom " where did you get that vocabulary?!"

Little girl "from you!"

Mom "i never said such god damn f***ing things like that in my entire life!"

Little girl "really mommy? cause it don't seem that way!"

Mom "why in hell would i ever want to say a god damn f***ing bitchy whor-"

Dad casually walks by sipping coffee and mumbles"oh and i'm not allowed to say crap?" and sips his coffee again.

The End


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