My Baby: Ear

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A man: Allister was in the hospital waiting room after his wife had just given birth, when a doctor approached him with a grim expression on his face.

"Sir, there's something I have to tell you about your newborn child. He's been born without any arms or legs" Allister replied: "It doesn't matter none. I'll still love him forever! Take me to see my baby, sir!"

As they were walking through the corridoor, the doctor interjected once more: "Sir, just one more thing. Your baby has been born without a body." "Who cares? I'll still love my baby anyway!"

As the doctor opened the door to the room... (where babies are kept?) He added "Well sir, just one slight omission. Your baby is just an ear."

"an ear!?"

"Yes, sir an ear."

Allister then walked up to the ear lying on the pillow and lovingly said: "My baby boy, it doesn't matter, I'll love you always!"

To which the doctor retorted "speak up sir, he's deaf!""


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