This Man's In Trouble

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John went to a retirement party for one of his long time colleagues, Bill. Bill went up to the podium to make a thank you speech.

He listed everyone he wanted to thank and added, "I mostly wanted to thank my wife for sticking by me and supporting me all these years. But honey, I also wanted to let you know that I owe some thanks to the woman that comforted me on nights we would argue, I spent many years in the arms of the this woman before I met you.... MY mother!"

John found this joke funny and decided to use it at his own retirement party a few months later. He went to the podium to say his 'thank-yous'. He was trying to remember the joke.

He said, "Most of my thanks goes to my loving wife. She was always so supportive and encouraging. But honey there's something I need to say. Before we were married I spent years in the arms of another woman. I also went to her for comfort on nights we would argue..."... and he forgot how the joke ended!


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