dirty eddie goes to get Ice Cream

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A little boy named Dirty Eddie just turned 9 years old. He got a new cowboy outfit for his birthday, complete with two toy revolvers, and a sherrifs badge. He walks into an Ice Cream shop. He looks at the girl who is working at the counter. He pulls out his toy guns, aims it at her, and says," I want an Ice Cream Cone!" so she asks him what flavor he would like. he pulls out his guns again and says,"Vanilla" so she gets him a big scoop of vanilla Ice Cream, he looks at it, pulls out his guns again and says," I want Whipped Cream on it" so she pulls out a can of whip cream and sprays it on top, he looks at it again and says," I want a cherry on top" so she puts a cherry on it and politely asks if he would like "crushed nuts", he pulls out his guns and says," do you want your tits shot off?"


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CGA5W_dirty eddie goes to get Ice Cream

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