sharing the same room

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a man who was on vacation checked in to a hotel and the man said,"we only have one room left".so the man accepted the room.

the next day the man left to take a look at the city and left so the man from the hotel thought he wouldnt come back.the next afternoon a married couple were on their honeymoon.

they checked in at the hotel and the man said,"we only have one room left".so the couple accepted soon as they went up the room the man who had left came back and told the man he forgot his jacket and the man told him to go back up the room and go get it.

as soon has he went up the room he stood at the door and heard a man saying,"whose are those long beautiful legs?",and he heard a woman saying,"they are yours baby".

then he heard,"whose are those beautiful hips?"then the woman,"they are yours".

then the man from door said,"if you guys get to the jacket thats mine".


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