On an Airplane

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A man, Jim, was terrified about flying on an airplane for the first time. His brother, Joe, told him it would help relieve tension to find someone to talk to.

"What if it is a pretty lady?" said Jim, "You know I'm not good with women. What would I say?"

"Well," said Joe, "Ask her how she is then ask her if she is married and if she has any kids. Then actually LISTEN to her and your response will come naturally. You will have a pleasant conversation and your flight will be over before you know it."

Jim boarded his plane the next day. To his surprise he was seated right in the middle of two beautiful young women. They both pulled out their own magazine. After take off, he decided to talk to the lady on his left. He turned to her and they introduced themselves. He said,"Are you married?"

"No," she responded, "still looking for Mr. Right."

"Do you have any children?" he said.

She gave him a disgusted look and went back to reading her magazine. He figured he must've asked the questions in the wrong order. He turned to the woman on his right and they introduced themselves.

"Do you have any children?" he asked.

"Why, yes I do. I've got two little girls and one son," she replied.

"Well, are you married?" he asked.

He spent the rest of his long, boring flight, in silence, gripping the arm rests with white knuckles.


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