Forrest Gump in Heaven

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Well, Forrest Gump passed away and then arrived at the Pearly Gates and met St. Peter himself who said, "It's good to finally meet you Forrest. I've heard so much about you! But unfortunately we have been crowded lately and have created an admittance test. There are only three questions on the test, but you need to get them all right to get in Heaven." Forrest replied, "Well I ain't much good at questions but I'll try."

And so St. Peter asked the first question, "The first question is how many days are there in a week that start with 't' and what are they?" Forrest thought for a couple of minutes and then answered, "Well the only answer I can think of is two, Today and Tomorrow." St. Peter replied, "Well I never thought of it that way, but I guess that's right."

So Peter asked the next question, "How many seconds are there in a year?" Forrest thought for about five minutes, then said, "The only answer I can think of for that is 12." Peter said, "How can it possibly 12?" Forrest answered, "Well January 2nd, Febuary 2nd, March 2nd..."

"Hmm... I guess that makes sense, and now for the final question, What is God's first name?" Well Forrest pondered and pondered about that question and finally said, "Is it Andy, sir?" Peter replied, I can see how you got the days and seconds answers, but how did you come up with Andy?!?" Forrest then replied (in song) "Andy walked with me, Andy talked with me, Andy told that I was his very own." Peter, who was shocked, answered "I see how got that and I will accept it as an answer!"

The gates to Heaven opened and St. Peter cried out go, "Enter Heaven, and run, Forrest, run!!!"

Take time out of your life to stop and laugh at a good, clean joke sometimes.


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