mr. president

yes, this is the our leader. sorry for the disappointment.

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by Jeff W. 1+ years ago

That is great! and to think some a-holes got all uptight and conservative about a guy who put a 3d 6ft fork in the road. Loosen up you freagin white ppl. lol

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by Anna B. 1+ years ago

This is epic!!!!! p.s. BIRD IS THE WORD!!!

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by Tyler W. 1+ years ago

its cut and pasted

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by Samanatha F. 1+ years ago

Probably fake, but who cares??? It just made my day!

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by shatira l. 1+ years ago

lmfaoooooooooo hahahaha omqqq thatsz so meann !! yet still funnyy

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by Jordan H. 1+ years ago

not funny

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CG7LJ_mr. president

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