sex dream

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there where 3 co-workers, Brian, Katie, and Ben. For the last couple of days Brian had seen Katie and Ben hanging out together, what he doesn't know is that Katie wants him and not Ben.

so Brian pulls Katie aside one day and says "I've seen you and Ben together a lot there something going on?"

"No," she replies but keeps smiling real big.

"what Are you smiling about" he says, and leans towards her

"nothing much, but last night I had a sex dream about a co-worker..." she still smiles

Brian a little puzzled asks"who Ben?"

"no," she whispers "You."

Brian smiles and says "Yeah, well then I guess we're even cause i had a sex dream too..." and he leans in real close to her

she smiles REAL big now and leans in ready to kiss him "was it about me?"

Brian wraps his arms around her and whispers in her ear, "no, it was about Ben."


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