the ugly lady and the parrot.

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A lady named susan worked at the mill. Everytime that she went to work she had to walk and on the way to work she had to pass by a pet store.One day the owner got a new parrot, and when susan walked by the store in the morning she heard a squawk. "hey lady"said the parrot "What?" she asked "you're ugly" well she went on with her day trying to ignore the fact that the parrot was getting to her. The next day Susan was walking by the pet store again when she heard a squawk. "hey lady!" "what!?" "you're ugly!" This went on for another couple of days until Susan just got so tired of it she went to the store owner. she said "if you can't shut that parrot up and get him to stop calling me ugly I'm gonna have to sue you." "No problem," said the manager,"he won't do it again." well the next day susan walks by the pet store again when she hears a squawk. "hey lady" "what?!?!!!!" she says starting to get pissed off. "you know....."


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CG6JG_the ugly lady and the parrot.

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