13 more ways to annoy people

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1. sing a song badly on purpose that others will easily remember

2.ignor people when they talk to you for a long time. then say "im sorry what were you saying?" repeat proscess

3.tell people to talk slower after they slow down say spaek faster repeat six times then say i don't get exactly what you were saying can you repeat that please?

4. spel words rong on porpuse

5.backwards sentence every say: say every sentence backwards

6. tell random people that they are wierd and you'd hate to be seen talking to them

7. say things too late. example: a truck crashes into a wall then say "look out for that truck!!"

8.send a letter to some whoes address you found in the phone book and write: thiz iz a stik up. have a nice day!

9.spell your own name wrong after a while that's how people will spel it then when everyone spells your name tell them they spelt it wrong

10 make wierd farting noises in very serious confrences then blame the guy next to you

11.pretend you died and are a zombie then call into work to tell them that you died an extreemly painful death (use your imagenation) and that you can't make it in today because of it but you should be there tomorrow

12 pretend you have alzheimers

13 fall down stairs in front of a huge group of people on purpose

i think i worded some of this wrong or added too much but i'm working on it but i have something funnier that's comming out soon called a little talk with mom. thanx


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