Ha, i saw them!

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Pepito was once playing baseball with his friends when the hottest girl at school passed by wearing a mini-skirt. He decided to trick her.

So he threw his baseball to a tree until it got stuck. Then he offered the girl $5 if she would go up the tree and fetch the ball for him. The girl accepted and when she climbed the tree Pepito saw her panties.

When the girl got home she told her dad what happened and the dad inmediatly told her not to do that again because Pepito only wanted to see her underwear.

The next day Pepito saw the girl again and again he asked her to fetch the ball for him. Again the girl agreed but this time Pepito was astonished. Then when the girl got home she again told her dad about it. The dad furious, yelled at her daughter and again explained to her that Pepito was only looking to see her underwear.

The girl answered "But daddy I didn't wear any panties today"

The father fainted.


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CG5CY_Ha, i saw them!

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