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In every circle of friends, there's usually that one kid who just never stops bragging. The one that is constantly trying to impress whoever he's with or around...and most of the time it seems pretty convincing until you find out some of their secrets. Well the other day at the local fair, which shows up the second week of every August, I found out one secret of this seemingly spectacular ladies-man. In my case, it's Jimmy who loves to show off his girls. And here he was at it again. "You see her, bro? The girl in the orange? Mega hot. And that chick she's chattin' with, I tapped her three times more than orangie over there." "Oh you mean in the yellow?" "Yeah man." "Oh good, I thought so. That's my sister." At this point I became rather tense, and slammed Jimmy against the wall behind him. "So what did you do to her?" "Aw #$%@ man, nothing I swear. Three times nothing. I haven't touched the orange chick, so I didn't lie. Zero times three is still what? Zero...."


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CG50F_Dude 3x as much!

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