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Over The Cliff by Hugo First.

The Cat's Revenge by Claude Bottom.

Modern Giants by Hugh Mungous.

Rusty Bedsprings by I.P. Nightly.

Chicken Dishes by Nora Drumsticks.

Slept Right Throught It by R.E. Classes.

Severed Joints by Arm Less.

Outer Space by A. Leanne.

Women Rule by Iam Write.

The End of the World by Armageddin Outtahere

Blonde Hair by Bim Bow

Hide and Seek by I.C. Yu

Dangerous Animals by Mann Eaters

I'm Gods Gift to Women by P. Rick

Advanced Maths by Smart E. Pants

Bubbles in the Bathtub by Ivor Windybottom.

A Stitch in Time by Justin Case

Chest Pain by I. Coffalot

Bad Falls by Eileen Dover

Run to the Loo by Willie Makeit

Body Parts by Anne Atomy

Drinking Problems by Imorf Mihead

Waste Dumps by I. Saw

Chauvinistic Men by A. Lone

Where's the Toilet by Ivona Tinkle

Holiday Spots by Sandie Beaches

Drinking Problems by Al Coholic

Somethings Out There by Will B. Watchinu

A lot of Rain by Ingar Land

Free Willy by Freda Wale

One Night Stands by Amanda Use

Uncomfortable Feelings by Jock Strap

Erotic Adventures by Oliver Klozoff.

Moon Phases by Seymour Butts

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Guests by Bea O'Problem

Land Ahoy by I.C.Fields

Great Sex by Ivana humpalot

Sexual Organs by Jenna Talia

How to jump off a cliff : The Professional Way by Sue E. Sidel

Become a comedian: The Easy Way by Joe King

Rough Sex by Ben Twilly

I want to Become a Woman NOW!!! by Paul Mcokof

Donaters Get Ready by Ivan A. Bolock

I can't Think Properly by Dick Head

How to be a Problem in the Army by Major Asshole

I Will Get my Revenge by Yule B. Sari

Causing a Mess at a Dinner Party by Cho Kon It

Bubbles in the Bath by Ivor Windybottom

How to get rich by Robin Banks

The secret life of Lemmings by Hugo First

Glass Houses by Eva Brick

Flea Circus by Ivan Elovanitch


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