3 black men-art or not?

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a young couple touring the art gallery come across a painting of three blackmen sitting on a park bench.

all three men are nude 2 men have black penis,s but the one in the middle has a pink penis.

the curator could see this was puzzling the young couple and offers his assistance

he explains the painting as being the afro-american outlook in a predominantly white society.the curator then walks off

the young couple still unsure of the perception is approached by a scottish man.The scotsman turns to the couple and says "would you like to know what the painting is really about"

The young couple confused reply "how would you know more than the curator" "well I,m the person who painted this picture" he replies "It has nothing to do with afro -american at all"he continues "what this painting shows is 3 scottish coal miners on there break.And the one in the middle went home for lunch.

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CG39M_3 black men-art or not?

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