I Know Pain!!!!

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A guy walks into a dentist office with an infection on one of his molars and the dentist looks at and says: Doctor: o wow that has to come out but its so big we will have to break it into 3 pieces, dont worry we will give u some novacane the patient says: PATIENT: I DONT NEED NO NOVACANE I KNOW PAIN Doctor: are u sure this is gonna hurt a lot PATIENT: JUST DO IT I KNOW PAIN Doctor: ok... the doc breaks one part and looks at it disgustingly Doctor: that looked like it hurt u sure u dont need any novacane PATIENT: I DONT NEED NO NOVACANE I KNOW PAIN Doctor: Ok So he breaks the second part and third and the patient insists that he doesnt need any novacane *after the operation* Doctor: so tell me how do u no pain PATIENT: WELL I WAS BEAR HUNTING IN THE WOODS AND HAD TO TAKE A CRAP SO I LEANED ON A TREE AND RIGHT AFTER I PULLED MY PANTS DOWN A BEAR TRAP SNAPPED RIGHT ON MY BALLS Doctor: ooohhhhh is that how u no pain? PATIENT: NO I KNEW PAIN WEN I STARTED RUNNIN AND GOT TO THE END OF THE CHAIN


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CG21D_I Know Pain!!!!

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