bubba dont wanna!

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One day a boy moved into a new town. His name was Bubba. A girl that lived at the other end of the street knocked on the door and Bubba's mom told him to answer the door. Bubba was a strange boy, all he ever said was "Bubba don't wanna!" but, he'd never dare say it to his mom.

So when the girl knocked on the door bubba obediently opened the door.the girl immediatly demanded he come to her house, so bubba scowled and said, "Bubba don't wanna!"the girl countered with an equally intimidating sneer, and said "Bubba now, or I'll tell your mom!" so bubba went with her.

When they reached her house she pulled him in the living room, and said "Bubba, lets go upstairs." Bubba frowned and said "Bubba don't wanna!", the girl impatiently said "Bubba go, or I'll tell your mom!" so upstairs they went.

The girl laid down on the bed and took her clothes off. "bubba lay down on me and go up and down. "Bubba only managed to say "Bubba don-"before she yelled "bubba do it before I go get your mom!"So bubba did.

Not two minutes later Bubba's mom walked in and screamed, "Bubba get the hell off that little girl!"


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