how to anoy people at home and in ur neibor hood

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1.make a beeping noise when sombody backs up! a squirt bottle and squirt people

3.when your bro/sis turn on tv say "BBBOOOORRRRIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG" then snache the remote from him/her and put on somthing innaprorite for them but say its just a dream!

4.when people try to get reveange (see 2.) lock the bottle secretley before re

5.dress up as darth vader and watch strawberry short cake all day!

6.spend an entire week pertending you are r2-d2

7.when your in the bathroom line put your hand on your persons pants in front of u snach quilly there pants down then take pictures of the you know whats!only do this with a boy part of the family! your neighbor hood only whear ur underwhear and get a brach to pullit of whill on ur skate board!then fling tin to the air!and land on ur neighbors window naked!

9.mow your lanw with scisores!

i hoped u enjoy theses!


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CFZTZ_how to anoy people at home and in ur neibor hood

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