Women are smart.

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One day, three men were walking down an alley, because it was a shortcut to their favorite bar. They came upon a genie lamp, and, deciding it would be funny, they rubbed it, not believing anything was going to happen. Well, as it would turn out, there was a genie. He came out and said, "I will grant you each one wish, because there are three of you." The three men nodded at each other. "I wish I were one hundred times smarter than I am now" said the first man. And the genie made it so. The first man walked away. The second man, not to be outdone, said, "I wish I were one thousand times smarter than him!" And the genie made it so. The second man walked off. Well, the third man wasn't liking this. "I wish I were a million times smarter than the second guy!" he shouted desperately. And the genie made it so, turning him into a women.


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CFYHM_Women are smart.

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