Bell Ringers

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The bell ringer at the monk ceminary had just died. There was a sign in the front that said, "NOW HIRING." So one day, as a man was walking by, he saw the sign, and decided to try it out. So he went to the front gate and a monk came to open it. The man said, "I would like to apply for the job as a bell-ringer." The monk replies, "No disrespect, but sir, you don't have any arms." The man said, "I know, but I can do it, please give me a shot." The monk agrees, and takes him to the bell. He said, "Ok, show me what you've got."

So the man backs up, and takes a running start and runs head first into the bell. It was the most beutiful sound the monks ever heard. He says, "Let me go get the high priest, and will you do that again for him?" The man says, "Sure." So the monk comes back with the high priest. So again, the man backs up, and runs head first... only this time he misses the bell, and he flies off the building and dies.

A few minuits later 2 monks come walking by and one says, "Do you know him?" The other one said, "No, but his face rings a bell."

The next day that man's brother comes to the cemenary with the same interest. He goes up to the gate and again the monk comes and again, the monk says, "No offence, but you don't have any arms." He said, "Just give me a chance." So they go up to the bell.

He does the same thing and again its the most beautiful sound the monks ever heard. So the monk says, "Can you do that again for the high priest." "Sure." So a few minutes later, they come back up again. And the same thing happens: he steps back, runs, misses the bell, and dies.

Those same 2 monks walk by, and again one says, "Do you know him?" The other one says, "No, but he's a dead ringer for his brother."


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